Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Updating PSP and run into DRNFFFFFFCD,DRNFFFFFFCE,D RNFFFFFFB9 + other cryptic error messages?

Was trying to update a CFW’d PSP today and ran into this weird error message on the official sony 6.35 updater. Did some research and this is what I came up with.
These errors are generated by the hidden updater module sceChkDegeneration, used to detect a patched IdStorage on a TA-082
In order to help you guys out, here's a list of the errors so you can work out what needs to be done to fix your PSP.
DRNFFFFFFD8 = key 0x4 missing
DRNFFFFFFD7 = key 0x4 header is not "n y r B" (in hex: 6E 79 72 42)
DRNFFFFFFCE = key 0x5 missing
DRNFFFFFFCD = key 0x5 header is not "g k l C" (in hex: 67 6B 6C 43)
* to fix this, get KeyCleaner - then let it clean key 5, run it again and tell it to UNPATCH key 5
DRNFFFFFFC4 = key 0x6 missing
DRNFFFFFFC3 = key 0x6 header is not "r d D M" (in hex: 72 74 44 4D)
DRNFFFFFFB9 = key 0x7 header is not "D a P A" (in hex: 44 61 50 41) - ta-086+ only
DRNFFFFFFB0 = key 0x8 missing ta-086+ only
DRNFFFFFFAF = key 0x8 header is not "p D C L" (in hex: 70 44 43 4C) - ta-086+ only
* to fix this, get IdStorage Manager and click and change key 08 to
70 44 43 4C 01 00 00 00 0C 00 00 00 76 FC 19 C8 0A 00 19 00 10 00 0D 00 07 00 02 and all zeroes after that
CTA80000025 = region key (0x100) is damaged or missing (irrecoverable unless you have a backup)
Other errors:
FFFFFFFE = critical error at the end of the update - flash1 related, try restoring default settings

Most of these problems can be fixed using the excellent KeyCleaner and IdStorage Manager by Chilly Willy. (Google for Keycleaner, I think it’s up to 1.4 right now), a lot of these errors were due to early downgrader work on the TA-082 boards I believe (Patching key 05 instead of using a custom IPL for eg.)
Good luck =p.

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