Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fixing Korean Wii 003 Unathorized device has been detected.

At the end of Semptember 2009, Nintendo pushed ver4.2 update for the Wii, one of the ‘fixes’ they implemented was a check for region changed consoles (Kor-USA usually). Usually this was done by the seller (back in the day the Won fell to an all time low, making Korea Wiis a heck lot cheaper then anything else) and the unsuspecting user when updated to 4.2 will be faced with this error message upon bootup.

Thanks to Giantpune, there is now a proper fix for this error. To fix this you need to install Ios60-v6174 onto ios slots 70,80 and 90. then never update from Nintendo again.

You’ll need these,

- 1 broken 003 Korean console, modchipped and capable of reading burned DVDs

- 1 copy of Super Smash Bros Brawl PAL.

- 1 Gamecube controller or Savemii (to put console in recovery mode).

- Depending on what region you’ve ‘converted’ your console to, you may need another game (of the same region as your console) to get super smash bros to load, if your console was region changed to PAL you wouldn’t need this. I’ve tested Carnival Games on an NTSC-U converted console and it worked out good.


Download and extract it straight to a formatted SD card, SDHC will not work. This contains the exploited savegames for SSBB. (Which will trigger and run installers to fix the console.)

NTSC-U: Download

NTSC-J: Download

PAL: Patch your SSSB-iso to autoboot (Google for the right tools).

Once the right package is downloaded for your console, extract it to a folder on your PC and then follow the steps below (for pal you don’t have to do this, just make the iso autobootable and then continue, the reason why we are doing this is to make a game from another region work on the console, since you’re already PAL, you don’t have to.)

I will only go through with the Swap-disc method, there exists another method (channel install), that is a little easier (no need to swap disc etc.) but requires that the console does not already have the channel installed. Goto HERE for more info.

You’ll now need that game you’re gonna use to swap from. I’m using Carnival Games.

Dump both games as an ISO to your PC. Check with an MD5 tool to make sure you have a good dump, SSSB’s MD5 is 549C19AEFD56C3651571C32E3C32EB3. Rename your swap game to swap.iso and SSSB to sssb-pal.iso. Put them both inside the folder you extracted the above package to and run SwapDisc-PWNS.bat

In a moment wit would’ve done it’s thing (basically rename some game IDs to make them both match for the swap to be successful.), burn SSSB-pal.iso to a dual layer DVD (Use something good, Ritek G05, Taiyo Yuden and Verbatims are known to be the best). Set layer break to 2084960, also burn swap.iso to a good single layer DVD.


Once done, hookup your wii and use the gamecube controller to boot it into recovery (press and hold all 4 D-pad buttons while turning on, you may have to take apart the controller and remove the num in the middle for this to happen, you’d also need to plug it into port 4).

Stick swap disc into the drive and it should load. Let it load to the title screen (Carnival games will ask you to create a save game, just select no and continue on.) Once in, press Home and eject the disc. With carnival games you’d just have to insert in SSSB and then hit Reset and then Virtual Console will load. You may have to experiment with other games. Once VC is loaded, hit Reset again and the main SSSB game should load.

Go to the stage builder and then delete the original 3 stages, then head back to the main title screen. Now insert the SD card and then go to the stage builder, the installer should now load.

Install Homebrew channel, bootmii and then make a NAND dump. Once finished you should end up in HBC again, DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR WII, if you do you’d have to restart the process.

Eject the SD card and then download one of the following files (according to the region you want to be on).




Copy the NAND dump in your SD card out to a safe location, and then format the card. Next extract the files from the package you’ve downloaded above to the root of your SD card. Then download this package below.


Extract this too to the root. Next put the SD card into the Wii, hit “Home” on your wiimote and then start bootmii, MultiModManager will now start, scroll to WAD Manager, press A and then press 1 to install everything. 25 wads will now install, make sure there are no errors.

Once completed scroll to System Menu 4.1, press A and then 1 to install all. 3 wads will install, make sure there are no errors.

When done, quit back out to the HBC and then lauch the Priiloader installer, install that (follow on screen instructions), and then when done, turn off the console, hold reset and then turn it back on. Scroll to System Menu Hacks, enter (press A) and then Enable "Block Disk Updates", "Block Online Updates", "Remove Diagnostic Disc Check", "Move Disc Channel". Save and exit back to system menu.

Congratulations, you’ve just fixed your Wii, as well as prevent it from being updated in the future. Remember to never update your Wii from Nintendo.


  1. Hi, can you post the files again ? They were removed already .Thank you

    1. You can look here.

      This thread has the entire guide with updated links, as well as an ongoing discussion if you run into problems.

  2. Hi man, thanks for the explanation, i think it is easier than the other one, can you post the files again?