Saturday, January 7, 2012

Exciting week for the X6500 project

It’s been an eventful week for the X6500, FPGAminer has successfully integrated the amazingly fast Ztex hashers to fit our implementation.

I’ve managed to synthesize bitstreams at up to 190Mhash. The repository is here.

You’ve gotta have a suitably licensed version of ISE to get LX150 support. For those who don’t we’ll release pre-compiled bitstreams soon.

Do watch out for cooling though, at these speeds, any failure in the cooling system will very likely fry your FPGA.

Fizzisist has also succesfully implemented long polling into the mining software, as well as worked out a result submission bug that was causing an unusually large number of rejects, with the help of m0mchil.

Friday, January 6, 2012

My mini lathe 7x12 Habour Freight 7x12

Finally received this after 1 year of thinking about it, ordering it and waiting for it to arrive.

Thanks to the guys @ Peace Prairie detachment for shipping in all my stuff.


Here it is, still in it’s box


I ripped out the box and the packing foam, then I tried lifting it and found that it was secured to a wooden base with screws. Ok need an allen wrench to get that out of the way.


And here it is again, now out.


Used a rag to get rid of most of the packing grease, that’s some nasty sticky stuff. Good thing is I don’t spot any sort of corrosion on there.


The included chuck key, has a spring to stop you from leaving it in the chuck, spinning it up and then launching it into your forehead.


The included live center. Looks pretty good to me.