Friday, January 6, 2012

My mini lathe 7x12 Habour Freight 7x12

Finally received this after 1 year of thinking about it, ordering it and waiting for it to arrive.

Thanks to the guys @ Peace Prairie detachment for shipping in all my stuff.


Here it is, still in it’s box


I ripped out the box and the packing foam, then I tried lifting it and found that it was secured to a wooden base with screws. Ok need an allen wrench to get that out of the way.


And here it is again, now out.


Used a rag to get rid of most of the packing grease, that’s some nasty sticky stuff. Good thing is I don’t spot any sort of corrosion on there.


The included chuck key, has a spring to stop you from leaving it in the chuck, spinning it up and then launching it into your forehead.


The included live center. Looks pretty good to me.

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