Monday, July 18, 2011

National’s New LMZ simple switcher module series.

Currently developing a power supply solution for the Xilinx Spartan 6 LX150 FPGA, and I stumbled across this cool modules from National.

They’re available in 1A-10A capabilities, if 10A is not enough, there are modules out there that can current share, for up to a max of 60A output.

The modules themselves come with an intergrated FET and inductor, meaning you don’t have to make a choice, don’t have to worry about best layout on your board, and it will magically just work.

Very low external parts count, you just need 2 resistors to set the voltage and then a bunch of capacitors and away you go.

Prototype friendly package, the module is housed in what looks like a D2Pak layout (except with a couple more pins), enabling good thermal performance and ease of solderability (compared to say QFN).

Low EFI/EMI, the inductor and FET are shielded inside the module, meaning you wouldn’t need to worry about component placement on the PCB.

There are a whole other bunch of benefits, the only cons being a slightly higher initial cost and no way to tweak say the FET or inductor to a ‘better’ part because they are built in.

Web-bench enabled, this web based app will spit out the schematic, BOM and let you simulate electrical and thermal performance for your spedified inputs and requirements, makes gauging what kinda performance you’ll get in your final design easy.

The list goes on and on and on. Check them out on.

Anyways here’s my PSU design at the moment.


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