Monday, March 21, 2011

Seagate FreeAgent|Go


Got one of these passed to me to try and pull data off it. HDD was dying (1st symptom was that it wouldn’t let you write files to it). Initially thought it was some kinda cable/interface issue. Turned out to be the HDD was developing bad sectors (actually over 2000 of them already).

Luckily though the drive managed to move all the affected data to spare sectors and using just the standard windows cut + paste operation I was able to move all the data to a spare HDD I had lying around (200GB of data took like 9hrs to move). In between transfers it froze a couple of times and I had to restart the process, pretty nerve wrecking I’d say, but I got all the data out fine.


Quite amazing no data was lost in the process, am now creating a RMA to send this back to Seagate for repair/replacement. Within it is some kinda Momentus drive I believe. Hopefully this process doesn’t take too long (I’ve had pretty fast response from them previously) and then I’d need to move all the data back in…ah well…

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