Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Auzentech X Meridian 7.1 1G. Sudden loss of audio Part II

Just a quick follow up, it’s been a few days since I’ve removed the output muting transistors and my sound card has been working great. I’m not planning to replace the transistors but I dug around for some information as to what they are.


The original removed parts are in a SOT-23 package, marked MAX on top with 2 small numbers (33) going the other way, which I later found out to be the lot nunmber.

Searching on


led me to this part number KTD1304 and datasheet


It’s manufactured by KEC in Korea, which sounds about right given Auzentech is a Korean company, I hoever can’t find this part stocked on the usual suspects (Digikey/RS Components/Element 14).

I did find some sellers listing it on Ebay though, so that might be an alternative if I ever want to get them changed out.

Electroschematics has a great article as well as an excel spreadsheet of some of the other available specialized transistors suitable for audio muting.


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